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Velcome to Viking Theatre

Viking Theatre – the only place in Denmark where Viking play-acting takes place in a reconstructed Viking building close to the fortress Fyrkat.

Outside the Viking building duels will be enacted between Vikings armed with swords, axes and shields during the interval.



The Fyrkat Play 2018

In connection with the excavation of the Viking fortress Borgring in Zealand in 2014 the archaologists found a small fragment of bronze wich is missing in grave No. 4, the grave of the sorceress, at Fyrkat in Hobro. They also found out that the construction of Borgring is closely related to the Viking fortress Fyrkat. 

Grave No. 4 is only one of the thirty graves situated south of the Viking fortress at Fyrkat. The sorceress had the richest grave juding from the number of objects found in that particular grave. But what is the true fact of all this? And who is the sorceress in grave No. 4 really? 


The Woman in the Grave

One of the greatest mysteries of the past will now be treated dramatically by the proud Vikings of the Fyrkat play. In a dramatic, bloody, exciting and at times humorous theatrical performance we shall fantasize freely on what was found in grave No. 4. Is it a man? Is it a woman? Or is it something quite different? 

Come and withess a Viking story with a criminal plot which does not fall short of today's popular whodunits. I hope you will have a good time. 

Jørgen W. Larsen, author. 





Greetings from the mayor

I am pleased that the Fyrkat play this year is making a performance out this. It will be a very dramatic play, which is always the case when the proud Vikings of the Fyrkat play are involved. it will also be a narrative filled with excitement, humour and, hopefully, with a clarification of the great mystery about the woman in grave No. 4 who seems to have been a very special person. 

I wish everyone may have good and unforgettable experience when seeing this year's performance. 

Kind regards 

Mogens Jespersen. Mayor. 


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