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Velcome to Viking Theatre

Viking Theatre – the only place in Denmark where Viking play-acting takes place in a reconstructed Viking building close to the fortress Fyrkat.

Outside the Viking building duels will be enacted between Vikings armed with swords, axes and shields during the interval.


King Harold 

King Harold with the nickname Bluetooth is the greatest icon in the Viking world.
We try to go behind the icon to show a King Harold as no one has ever seen him before. A person born and bred in the centre of power. A restless and tormented person doubtful about his faith. A temperamental person, at an early age destined for grandeur, and a man with great insight.
Come and witness a super dramatic Fyrkat play filled with war and love and plenty of racy humour.
Jørgen W Larsen, author.


It is almost incredible! Every year for 30 years a play about Vikings has been enacted in the unique auditorium which is confined in the brilliantly reconstructed Fyrkat building. It all began shortly after the house was opened in 1985, and it is kept going by great commitment and interest from many sides, by many competent actors, some of whom have participated for many, many years, and by good and amusing plays and loyal sponsors. I warmly congratulate the Fyrkat play on the past 30 years and wish it good luck in the future.
This year the main character is the man behind it all, King Harold Bluetooth, who had Fyrkat and the other ring fortresses erected about the year 980, and who - in his own words – christened the Danes. We hear about his dramatic life, with his parents Gorm the Old, Queen Thyra, and Harold’s wives, and his ill-mannered son Swein Forkbeard. We see Harold as young, adult and old and accompany him into the world and see him for instance in an ale-house in Hamburg. As usual there is fight for power, women’s schemes and attitudes to life where common sense ranks highest. And Fyrkat is built again. We look forward to meeting the actors and the house again and to seeing the play as well as the many fine costumes. We also hope that King Harold and his priests will provide good weather in the days to come.
Else Roesdal.

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