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Velcome to Viking Theatre

Viking Theatre – the only place in Denmark where Viking play-acting takes place in a reconstructed Viking building close to the fortress Fyrkat.

Outside the Viking building duels will be enacted between Vikings armed with swords, axes and shields during the interval.


Canute the Great

The Viking period is drawing to a close. But no one knows about that at the Fyrkat fortress near the beautiful Mariager Fiord. Time here keeps rolling on at the once so proud fortress, which is now in a tumble-down state and close to being pulled down. The brave warriors, who used to live here, have been replaced by swindlers, thieves and lazybones who do not care to stir a finger for anyone but themselves.

In other words, it is a regular slum where every man looks after himself. Until the day when a traveler breaks the news that the Danish king, Canute the Great, who is also the ruler of England now, intends to pay a visit to the Fyrkat fortress.

The inhabitants of the fortress now get busy, very busy, saving what can be saved because Canute seems to be a ruler who is not to be trifled with, and he is on his way and soon to arrive.

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