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Velcome to Viking Theatre

Viking Theatre – the only place in Denmark where Viking play-acting takes place in a reconstructed Viking building close to the fortress Fyrkat.

Outside the Viking building duels will be enacted between Vikings armed with swords, axes and shields during the interval.



The Fyrkat Play 2019


The plague is raging at Fyrkat. The deadly disease takes its daily toll of victims. Even the strong warriors succumb one after another. Despair is great, and at the same time there are rumours of  attacks from practically all corners of the world.

The sorceress at  the fortress and the representative of the new faith, Christianity, are violently arguing about whose god is the solution to the problems. And neither of them seems to be able to make the fatal disease disappear.

Only when the odd monk, Poppo, arrives together with four representatives of the neither world does a dramatic healing begin, concentrated on the past of Svava, the sorceress.

Ebbe Kløvedal Reich wrote Wergeld for the Fyrkat play in 2004 and his great knowledge of the neither world  of the Viking era and of supernatural  creatures pervades the plot in Wergeld.

It is an exciting tale filled with drama, tension, horror and plenty of humour.
Ib Juhl Søndergaard.






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